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-----------------------------------------------Online degree Fees for MBA and BAC at the time of published---------------------------------
      Courses               Online course          Hybrid**          Duration  
      Type                   £/$              £/$            £/$

   Master of Business Administration-MBA    5000.00            9000.00          12

   Business Administration Certification-BAC           5000.00            9000.00          06

   * Hybrid course includes online an on campus study  


Course Type            Duration*   Fees   Certification cost

                                                                      months                  £                               £
Year 7 level 2                       3-to 6               100.00               25.00
Year 8 level 2                       3-to 6               150.00               25.00

Year GCSE year 1             3-to 6                200.00              25.00

Year GCSE Year 2                      3-to 6               250.00               25.00

Year GCSE Year  3                     3-to 6               300.00               25.00




·         Learner studies at his or her own pace *

·         GCSE subjects are Chemistry, Physics and Biology*

·         Non refundable deposit of £25.00 applies in all cases 

  • All on campus and Hybrid programs offer Internship Opportunities
  • All on Campus and Hybrid Programs Include ESL and/or Business English Courses.
  • Credit Transfer from Entrepreneurship Certificate Or Business Administration Certificate to MBA Program: $1,800

Additional Fees: Registration fee is $290 and textbooks fee is $500 approx.

Other possible fees occurring to the student:
  • $75 commencement fee
  • $30 returned payment or insufficient funds fee
  • If studying in California Residents may be subject to S.T.R.F. fees

Please, note that tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of Brentwood ( London Educators) University. Textbooks and other study materials are required which will have a cost associated with them.


  • Tuition and fees for each course must be paid prior to each course start date.
  • Students may choose to pay their tuition and fees for the program in lump-sum prior to the start of the program.
  • Acceptable forms of payments are: electronic payments, checks, money orders, or any of the major credit cards.

* Represents 1 year fee only (by signing an London Educators application form you agree and understand that course fee that we have charged you is only for one year of your course duration. If your course duration is for more than a year you must pay fee for the remaining years ( or for the remaining months). Discount of £500 is available if you pay full fee for 1 year in one go provided you phone in or contact by email and get a code for discount. Registration fee is £150. Assignment marking and exam fee varies.

Please contact us regarding fees and queries. Separate
registration/ examination fees to awarding bodies may be payable based
on your chosen course of study. You can contact us via email using either address provided below,