Diploma and Degree Courses from level 3 to 7

Level 3 course is an entry level to University

  • Introduction to Management with 60 credits       
  • Diploma in Business Management with 60 credits and 120 credits
  • Diploma in Business Management with 120 credits

Level 4 and 5 courses: These courses are equivalent to 1st year and 2nd year of degree courses

  • Extended Diploma in Business Management       
  • Human Resource management         
  • Hotel and Hospitality                       
  • Health and social care   
  • Entrepreneurship and Management                       
  • Sales and marketing                               
  • Leadership and team work             
  • Business Management   
  • Accounting and finance   *                                        
  • Teacher training courses university second year at level 5 *

Level 4 and level 5  IT courses *
  • IT and web design      IT and networking        IT and networking     IT and ecommerce       IT and computing

  • Level 6 (equivalent to final year degree level): Business and Administration Management

  • Level 7- Master degree: Business Strategic Management, MBA advanced entry level

School Science Courses

  • Subjects: Chemistry, Physics and Biology at level 3 to 4 (GCSE)

London Educators is accredited by:

Brentwood University and Edexcel-Pearson and ATHE( *).

London Educators has also obtained EDEXCEL accreditation to teach courses at level 4, level 5 and at level 7. Please log on to see for more details.

  • London Educators was approved by ASIC (Accreditation Services for International Colleges from 2009 to 2019 ( accreditation is in progress).
  •  ASIC is an independent organisation which has been approved and authorised by UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) to act as an accreditation organisation for international colleges. For more details about ASIC please log on to
  • * coming soon