Student Library

Our students can utilize books, magazines and journals that have been carefully selected to correlate with the program they will be studying. The library has a quiet work area rules and students are expected to follow these rules whilst they study in the library.

Visual and other Teaching Aids

London Educators rooms are delightfully modern and fully equipped with comfortable seating arrangement. Our lecturers use a wide range of teaching aids to deliver your lectures.

IT Support Facilities

London Educators has a computer room which students have full access to during London Educators opening times to search the internet and complete their work set by their lecturers. London Educators places a strong emphasis on the use of computers as information technology is now a fundamental part of many academic courses and society in general.

Academic Support

Our lecturers are fully supportive and helpful in dealing with student problems and work in a conjoined team environment with highly qualified staff. Our tutors are all highly qualified specialists in their subject area. They use a mixture of motivation, encouragement and confidence building to get the best out of students.

Staff Support

Our staff are here to assist students and is always happy to attend students’ queries.